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Dobrekino Studio was established in 2006 to serve the increasing needs of artists and businesses for unique and creative film productions. Since that moment, we have been constantly developing and making lots of impressive works each year. 

Most iconic ideas never find themselves. You have to dig deep, explore new opportunities and find a special way to distinguish yourself from others. We’re here to provide you with solutions, inspire your creative flame and make magic together.


From concept to delivery, we will provide you with visually amazing, emotionally engaging sharable videos that inspire, entertain and fascinate. Our approach to film-making is based on deep understanding of communication – in visual, emotional and intellectual terms. Every project is approached by us with rigor and interest not only to meet but to exceed your deepest needs and expectations.

Monami "Nie mów"
Amatowsky ft. Proceente, Mały Esz "Pełnia"
Parzel x DJ Mariano MBH "Mieć to coś"
Vagner "Ziomy"
Bilon i Nowa Ferajna "Warszawiak"
Aloha Opus Magnum vol. 2 ft. Łysonżi, Proceente, Emazet, Bisz, Rzeźnik "Wieczny pęd"
Monami & Ruda / Red Lips "Euforia"
Parzel & Proceente ft. Numer Raz "Świat ziomków"
Parzel x DJ Mariano MBH "Zabójczy rytm"
Bleiz ft. Qmak "Helles"
Bleiz ft. Spinache, Cywinsky "Wrony"
Aloha Opus Magnum vol. 1 ft. Proceente, WdoWA, Łysonżi, Emazet, Esz "Nigdy nie jest za późno • Szwed SWD RMX"
Skwara aka eSWu "Kontent"
Aloha Opus Magnum vol. 2 ft. Proceente, Łysonżi, Mały Esz, Emazet, DJ HWR "Dabadaba"
Janiś OZW "Klimaty"
Skwara a.k.a. eSWu "Na metr"
Proceente ft. Emazet, Esz, WdoWA, Łysonżi, Ciech "Hawajscy patole"
O.S.T.R. & Marco Polo "What is the Question"
Lidia Kopania "Faith Cannot Be Broken"
Tor Łódź • BMW M2
Bleiz ft. Miły ATZ, KPSN, Cywinsky "Wszystko"
Numer Raz ft. Bartek Królik "Serum prawdy"
Flint ft. Pezet "Desiderata (Err Bits x Maro Music Remix)"
Diox HIFI ft. Miuosh, Mosad, Małach, Vienio, PMM, Haju, Tede, Peerzet, Sir Michu "Oni tego chcą (Remix)"
Łysonżi Dżonson ft. VNM & DJ Gondek "Mery Dżejn, Mery Krismes"
Proceente/Metro ft. Emazet, W.E.N.A., Człowień, Bleiz "Przez dekadę"
Nowy Zorak "Ziemia obiecana"
Fraktal "Fraktal"
Tabasko "Zachłanność"
PMM ft. O.S.T.R. & Grubson "Wstawaj"

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